Christopher Cross

Chris Cross and his wife were both skeptical that the elimination of 17 years of aches and pains would last after just the first week of his Somax Program. Here is his letter.

April 15, 2010

Bob Prichard:

Now that I am back from the West Coast I have had a chance to settle down and reflect upon what happened to me while at your place. I can more fully appreciate the effect you had upon my body, and try to put this experience in perspective so that someone else could benefit from reading this recommendation to you.

I came out to California without any preconceived ideas on what to expect. As you know, I am a 61 year-old who played Division 1 basketball in college and have been active in sports all my life. I currently have a 1 handicap in golf and have won my share of golf tournaments. I have played in many golf tournaments along the East Coast and have made the necessary cuts in two-day and three-day tournaments and found myself the following day unable to get out of bed due to back soreness and aches. My daughter is a Physical Therapist and her personal advice was to stretch as much as possible, which helped to a certain degree. I have been in pain for the last 17 years in my life, which has hampered my lifestyle, activities and well being. The measurements you took of my flexibility prior to releasing microfibers in my body helped me to see how tight my body really was prior to your work. I was much stiffer than I thought, which explains why I was so sore after two or three days of golf.

I cannot believe how much better my body felt once you released the microfibers in my back, hips, shoulders and neck. I felt like I was 40 years younger. But I was skeptical that the soreness that I had over the years might come back again. My wife thought the same. She was convinced that the improvement was temporary. Well it has been six weeks now and I am as flexible and pain-free as I was when I left your office. This includes a two-week tour I led overseas, walking on uneven cobblestone streets and standing on my feet all day.

Your discovery and releasing of microfibers is absolutely astounding. You are definitely at the cutting edge of getting rid of the tightness and lack of flexibility in active old guys like myself. My lifestyle has changed because of what you have done for me in releasing these microfibers. I no longer dread the 17-hour plane flights overseas or the two or three-day tournaments. I will be eternally grateful to you. Thank you so much and my body thanks you too.

For those who are skeptical about visiting Mr. Prichard, please rest assured that Bob is truly a professional when it comes to Microfiber Reduction. Everything is explained to you as to why your body is tight. He pointed out to me that the impacts from all the sports I played when I was young created the microfibers I have now. And I think he was right, because as he released them, I remembered impacts in basketball and injuries from military service that I hadn't thought about for years.

And he will video tape and measure your ranges of motion beforehand so that you can see that there is an immediate improvement once he releases the microfibers. The results are so fast that you truly have to see it and feel it to believe it. The money you spend is well worth the results. I would have paid twice the amount to feel this good again, especially knowing that this soreness will not come back again unless I get banged up in basketball or bruise the muscles again playing football and that's not going to happen.

Bob, I forgot to tell you that I visited my Chiropractor when I got back home and he was surprised that my upper back is now totally aligned. It was always going out and he had to adjust it every time I saw him. I told him what I had done and he stated that whatever he did definitely works. I went back to him a month later and he couldn't believe that my back stayed aligned and how much flexibility I have in the back. He couldn't believe it, because I have been going to him two or three times a week for years to get relief from my back, and all those adjustments were never enough to get rid of the pain.

Well that was until I worked with Bob Prichard at the Somax Performance Institute.

Christopher Cross