Tony Rigas

Tony Rigas came to Somax in 2005 after spending many fruitless years trying to improve his golf game working with a well-known instructor. The reason Tony was not able to improve with conventional instruction is that his swing problems were caused by microfibers that had accumulated in the connective tissues between his muscles.  Conventional golf instruction cannot release microfibers or reduce tension.  As we released his microfibers with Microfiber Reduction and reduced his tension with Tension Reduction, Tony was able to get his game on track.

Leg Abduction Range

This range allows the golfer to easily move the legs independently during the downswing. Tony more than tripled this range with Microfiber Reduction and Tension Reduction.

External Leg Rotation

Internal Leg Rotation

Golfers need good internal and external leg rotation in order to rotate the hips freely during the swing and maintain their spine angles.  

Neck Rotation

Golfers need neck rotation in order to be able to putt without moving their head off the ball. One PGA Tour Pro went from #113 to #1 on tour in putting average after we released the microfibers in his neck. As you can see here, Tony tripled his neck rotation range with Microfiber Reduction.  He talks about the effect on his putting in his letter below.

Trunk Rotation

Trunk rotation is the key to driving distance. Tony increased his average drive from 280 to over 300 yards.

After he finished his Somax program, Tony wrote an eloquent and moving letter about his experience here.

When I first contacted you about your program to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness, I was very skeptical about the possible results and any lasting relief.

After years of lifting weights, running, injuries and stress at work, I felt stiff and old at 34. I was suffering from a tremendous amount of back pain before I came to see you.  On a scale of one to ten, I was often at 7 or 8 and sometimes 10.  There were times when I could not get up and walk around for several days.  

I am a lifelong golfer, playing junior, high school, college and mini tour tournaments.  At 6’5”, I have had many years of stiffness and pain in my back and hips.  I have seen scores of massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists; all who had promised to ease the stiffness and reduce the pain.  Despite the years of effort I put into physical therapy and stretching, not to mention taking prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, I was not seeing any lasting improvements. 

In order to play golf regularly, I had to get weekly massages and see a chiropractor 2 to 3 times a week.  The pain and stiffness were still there soon after the treatments. Frustration and depression about the pain had been setting in for quite awhile. So it should come as no surprise that I had reservations about another form of treatment. 

I was extremely flexible as a teenager and still had this image of myself being very flexible.  When you initially measured my flexibility ranges, I was shocked at how much flexibility I had lost.  I never dreamed that my ranges of motion were now so limited.   Having seen pictures of people that you worked on and how flexible they became, I was cautiously hopeful.   

When you worked on me and I saw the results so quickly, it was mind blowing!  I was so excited to find something that worked and didn’t go away after a day or two like a massage or chiropractic adjustment.  My flexibility came back almost instantly along with a large reduction in pain.  I actually could not believe how much flexibility I had lost in my body and even more impressive is that it could be restored!  I wouldn’t have to go on living and hurting like this.  The most amazing aspect was that the results lasted!  Now, a year later, I’m still amazed. 

I also saw great improvements in my golf game.  The first time I went out and played golf after seeing you, I shot a 67, five under par!  I was so relaxed and carefree that I felt like I was 16 years old again.  Before I saw you I was struggling for accuracy with my driver, hitting it 280 yards or so.  Now, my drives are less erratic and I am able to get a bigger shoulder and hip turn, hitting my driver consistently 300 yards or more, with less effort.  I have also had to recalibrate how far I hit my irons, picking up an additional 10 to 15 yards per club. 

Putting has become much easier as well.  I was putting well statistically before I saw you, averaging 29 putts per round.  However, this came at a great personal expense.  In tournaments, I would find my stomach in knots and my neck/head and forearms were shaking over putts.  So, even though the ball went in the hole, it wasn’t much fun. 

I was always trying to make an arc with my stroke and take my hands “out” of my stroke, with little success.  I would practice for hours, but once I got on the course I couldn’t do it and reverted to a straight back and through method using my hands & forearms.  Now, I am able to keep my head still and let my body stroke the putt, and have an arc to my stroke.  This has led to a much better roll on the ball.  I like to draw a line on my ball to line up my putts.  I noticed that when I would putt before I saw you that the ball might go in the hole but it was skidding or the line was wobbling.  Now, the ball rolls pure – end over end.  It’s so much easier and smoother, when I get going on the practice green, I’ll make ten 6 to 8 footers in a row without even lining it up!   

Having taken lessons from a famous golf instructor for years was a waste of time and money.  I just couldn’t put my body in the positions he wanted, or move like he instructed.  It was not a lack of effort either.  At times I was hitting balls for 7 hours/day and still not making progress!  I started believing that it was talent or some gift that let other people swing or move a certain way. 

Of course, now it makes perfect sense that lacking flexibility will negatively affect my golf swing.  Since I wasn’t able to turn my hips, I would have to make some kind of compensation in my swing.  I didn’t make this connection until I saw you. 

You definitely gave me more than I expected with your program.  My swing technique got drastically better and my stress and tension levels have come down tremendously.  Feeling better on the golf course is one thing, but even more impressive are the changes in my personal life.  My wife says that I am a totally different person now (for the better) than I was a year ago.  I’m handling problems with greater ease and confidence and have a more relaxed disposition. It is amazing how much your entire life can be impacted from tension and pain! 

I would highly recommend your program to anyone wanting to improve their athletic performance or suffering from tightness, stiffness or pain.  As well as, anyone who is looking to reduce their stress & tension levels.  I look forward to working with you further and becoming even more flexible and relaxed. 

Thank you for all your help and ongoing support.

Best Regards,

Tony Rigas

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Golfers who want to improve their distance and accuracy should measure their golf-specific ranges to see if they have any restrictions--before assuming their problems in golf are mental.

Directions for measuring these ranges and a demonstration DVD showing how quickly Microfiber Reduction improves the flexibility of a 52 year-old can be ordered for $30 by calling Somax Performance Institute at 1-800-227-76629.

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