Dan Henrichs

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These photos show Dan Henrichs' backswing before and after his Somax program, which he finished in October 2000 at age 55. Dan increased his Arm Angle from 27° to 45° after we released microfibers in his left shoulder with Microfiber Reduction, our special form of connective tissue massage. We also released microfibers and tension in his back, which allowed him to make a bigger shoulder turn. As a result, Dan can bring his club shaft closer to horizontal. He has improved his Backswing Angle from -30° to -2°.  If you look at the distribution of his weight around the vertical broken line, you can see he had a slight reverse pivot because of tightness in his hips. After releasing the microfibers in his hips, Dan is now able to load his weight onto his right leg.  With his larger, more flexible turn, Dan now hits one club longer with his irons, and has increased the distance of his drives from 235 to 250, with more drives hitting the fairway.

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These photos show the improvement in Dan's Cast Angle. Prior to Somax, Dan cast (using his wrists too early) his club 45°.  After releasing the microfibers in his wrists, he no longer casts his club. He also now rotates his hips about 30° more open, as they are no longer restricted with microfibers and tension.  Before his shoulders and hips moved as one unit because of the microfibers and tension in his back. Now he is able to separate the two, leaving his shoulders back at this point, creating a more powerful swing.

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These photos show the improvement in Dan's finish. Dan increased his Finish Angle from -3° to +55°. Combined with the 28° improvement in his Backswing Angle, Dan has increased the total range of his club shaft by 80°.  The increased Finish Angle is more than cosmetic. Golfers with a small Finish Angle actually have to slow their club head down before impact. Dan's additional flexibility has also greatly reduced his back pain during golf.

Another benefit of Microfiber Reduction is apparent from these photos. Dan looks taller and thinner. Microfibers released from his rib cage allowed him to expand his chest and lengthen his trunk. Before his Somax program, Dan's chest expanded only 1" when he took a deep breath. Now it expands 4". His breathing is now easier and fuller 24 hours a day.

Dan writes:

I am definitely striking the ball better with more consistency.  Since starting to play regularly again, I am really showing improvement.  This last weekend, I went to Chicago to see my Son and to play a round of golf. He was very impressed with my new golf swing.  He has never seen me strike the ball better.   In the past I could occasionally hit the ball fairly long, but I was inconsistent, because I came so far out of position when I took a hard swing at the ball.  It took a lot of practice just to be able to hit the ball at all.  I am especially happy to not to dip at the ball on the down swing.  As you know, we worked on that problem for quite a while before finally putting it to rest. 

Today I consistently hit at least one club longer with my irons.  My driving is now regularly farther. Before my Somax program, I was driving 235 yards, but it was hard to keep it in the fairway.  Now I consistently hit the ball over 250 yards with pretty good accuracy.  I do occasionally hit the ball 300 yards. When I am not hitting the ball as good as I know that I can, I just go back to the basics we worked on and can begin hitting the ball solidly, with accuracy, fairly quickly.

When I first came to Somax I was having serious lower back problems.   They had become so severe that I was suffering with pains down my leg that were affecting my quality of life significantly.  I was taking four 200mg ibuprofen tablets at a dose every four hours during the day in an effort to cope with the pain.   When I played golf it would irritate my back significantly and would literally put me on the floor in pain.  My pain began to subside as more and more parts of my body were loosened up with the Microfiber Reduction.  Today I seldom have any pain in my lower back and virtually none running down my leg.  My quality of life has improved significantly and I attribute this all to the Somax program.

The most amazing thing is that I have not had any loss of flexibility since I have finished my program.  I still stretch on a regular basis, but the flexibility is there even before I stretch.  The process is also so sudden in the manner in which it works. As soon as the microfibers are released, that area just loosens up right away and has stayed loose.

During the first phase of the program we worked upon my breathing and chest expansion.  This was quite remarkable and, to be frank, was definitely not something I was even concerned about.  As it turns out, I was only expanding my diaphragm one inch before the Microfiber Reduction.  The expansion is now over four inches.   This difference helps me sleep more soundly and I just feel more alive all during the day. 

I went to Somax to improve my ability to play golf.  It has actually worked out that the other benefits are far more important to me than being able to strike the ball better than I ever have in the past.