David Levinson

Masters swimmer David Levinson (b.1950) completed his Somax Level I program for butterfly at age 43 in December 1993, and his Level I program in backstroke in August 1996. He dropped his fly stroke count from 11-8, cut 10 seconds off his 400 IM and 7 seconds off his 200 IM. His breathing ranges improved 100% and, as you can see, his hip extension increased 130% and his shoulder ranges increased 50-170%

"I used to love to swim fly. But starting around age 37, swimming fly became a chore. My shoulders got stiff, I had a hard time making my recovery, and I usually had some kind of shoulder pain. My back and legs were stiff. It wasn't fun anymore.

After my first Somax program I felt like I was 30 again. Fly felt effortless; no more shoulder pain, no back pain. Then, after my backstroke program, I not only cut my times, but the local backstroke critic gave me two thumbs up on my new backstroke technique. I used to swim backstroke very flat, but now I rotate and get my whole body into the stroke."