Burt Newmark

Burt Newmark (b.1941) completed his Somax Level II program at age 51 in March, 1993. He subsequently improved his sectional ranking in senior tennis (50-54) from 6th to 3rd in the Southwest.

"The many years of pounding and playing on hard courts took their toll on my body. I have, over the years, suffered tennis elbow, torn rotator cuffs of both shoulders, a broken wrist and hand, two herniated discs, torn hamstring.

Despite years of lessons and actually playing at a high level, I was never able to master stroke fundamentals the way I thought I should. I now realize it was because all the injuries and pounding created microfibers that restricted my every movement on and off the court.

Somax increased the flexibility in my lower back, neck, ankles, hips and shoulders. For the first time I could actually get my body to do the right things and execute my groundstrokes and serve the way I knew they should be done. In addition to playing better tennis, I had far less pain and better recovery after matches."