Day at Somax

Whether your sport is golf, tennis, swimming, running, cycling, soccer, baseball, football or basketball, you can learn more about yourself and your sport from a Day at Somax than from years of training, instruction and practice. In addition, you will be able to reverse age-related stiffness, improve your flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do, and increase your hip speed and strength.

One tennis player, for instance, increased his forehand swing speed from 55 to 96 mph during his Day at Somax.


Each Day at Somax is divided into morning and afternoon sessions, 9 am -12 noon and 2 pm - 5 pm.

Morning Session

The morning session consists of our standard three-hour evaluation where we videotape, analyze and measure your swing, stroke, stride, pitch, free-throw, kick, etc. For golfers, for instance, we videotape your driver from the front and down the line, and your putting from the front and back. For baseball players, your swing, throw and run. For swimmers, your underwater stroke from the front and side. For runners, your stride from the front and side.

Before we analyze your videotape, we will analyze and measure the mechanical characteristics of an historically great athlete in your sport. In this way, when we measure your mechanics, you will be able to see, mathematically, exactly where you have problems. This takes all the guesswork and subjective opinions out of sports.

Many of our swimmers, for instance, have been told by their coaches that they have a 'good' stroke. Because of this, they are frustrated by their lack of progress in their sport. But when they are able to see the measurements of the underwater stroke of a World Record holder, they are relieved to see that their lack of progress is due entirely to their stroke inefficiencies--and not some personal defect.

Many of our golfers, runners and tennis players find that their lack of progress is due to coaching that actually made their swing, stride and strokes worse than they were before. Many of them remark that they were moving the same way as an expert athlete before their coach changed them.

By replacing opinion with measurement, our clients get a more sensible, accurate and actionable picture of their mechanical efficiency.

Once we have measured your mechanics, we will then videotape and measure the ranges of motion you need for your sport. From our vast library of athletes, we can show you the minimum ranges you need so that you can move through the ranges needed for your sport without having to overcome your own internal stiffness.

Athletes gradually lose flexibility over the years due to the accumulation of microfibers in the connective tissue between their muscles. This loss of flexibility is so gradual that we find that most athletes do not even become aware that they have lost any flexibility until they have lost at least half the flexibility they need for their sport. Measuring their ranges opens their eyes to this loss, further explaining why they have plateaued or regressed in their sport.

Once we have measured your ranges, we will then improve your flexibility with Microfiber Reduction, our special form of connective tissue massage that releases these microfibers and improves flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do.

Then we will videotape those ranges where we have released microfibers, measure your new ranges, and show you how much you have improved.

We will then re-videotape your mechanics and measure your improvement there as well.

Even though the morning session is only three hours, you will be able to see a measurable improvement in your flexibility and mechanics.

Afternoon Session

After lunch, we will show you how to increase your hip strength with our Power Hip Trainer, the only aerobic exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation. Hip rotation is the main source of power in golf, tennis, swimming, pitching, batting and soccer. The strength of the hip rotation muscles are critical for stabilizing the hips while running and cycling.

As we mentioned before, one of our tennis players increase the speed of his racquet from 55 to 96 mph after we released microfibers in his hips and trained him on our Power Hip Trainer.

You can learn more about our Power Hip Trainer, including videos showing its use, at There is also a link on that page to order your own Power Hip Trainer.


Your Day at Somax will be held at our headquarters in beautiful Tiburon, CA. Tiburon looks directly out across the bay to San Francisco, so that you can enjoy a striking view of the city, the local yacht harbor and the Golden Gate Bridge as you enjoy your lunch at one of our fine local restaurants.


The cost of a Day at Somax is $2700, which is payable at the time you schedule your appointment. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a confirmation letter and forms to fill out and return to us so that we can review them before your appointment. All Somax fees are non-refundable. If you are physically unable to make your scheduled appointment, we will credit your fee to another time.


Please call us at 415-435-9880 with any questions you may have and to schedule your Day at Somax. You may also want to order our demo DVD that shows one of our clients improving his hamstring range 45 degrees during his evaluation. The demo DVD, along with articles and directions for measuring your flexibility, is only $30 ($45 international) and is refundable with any Somax program.