Demo Videos

In addition to its excellent library of original articles on sports and postural analysis and stretching, Somax produces exceptional videos on its program offerings.

Most of our videos are demonstration DVD's. They show you how dramatically we can improve posture, flexibility and athletic performance. The videos do not show you how to do Microfiber Reduction. For this reason, the cost of our demo videos is refundable with any of our camps, clinics or individual programs.

Because our videos show some of our methods of analysis, they are available only after receipt of a signed confidentiality and non-disclosure form.

Our golf video will show you how to measure and stretch several ranges critical to golf, as well as a demonstration of Microfiber Reduction.

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This DVD shows us working with a 52 year-old who increases his hamstring range 45 degrees, doubles his hip extension and then cuts 8 seconds off his quarter-mile time in just the first 90 minutes of his Somax program. Available now.


By the time most of us have the time to play golf, we are too stiff to enjoy it. This DVD shows you how to measure several core ranges critical to a full swing, and then how to stretch those ranges.

At the end of the DVD, you will see a demonstration of Microfiber Reduction and how quickly it can improve golf flexibility far beyond what stretching along can do. Available here.