Giants Crippled By Chronic Stiffness

How can we account for a baseball team that recently won three World Series in five years getting beaten 18-2 by Arizona, occupying the cellar in the National League West with a Batting Average of .221 (worst in the National League) and ERA of .471 (13th of the 15 National League teams)?

The usual suspects have been trotted out. The players are injured. The players are aging.

But we dug a little deeper and found that the Giants are crippled by chronic stiffness—most likely as a result of overzealous use of the weight room and a history of hiring stiff players.

As you cans see in the analyses below, there is a direct correlation between hip flexibility in Giants pitchers and their ERA.

There is an exponential correlation between bases stolen and hip flexibility.

The Giants have never been interested in improving the flexibility of their players. Like most teams, they believe the key to winning is strength and talent. We have been sending them our analyses of their players for the past 25 years with no response.

It seems their strategy now is to ‘rebuild’ the team over the next few years by trading some of their top players for new talent, instead of keeping their talented players and reversing their flexibility loss with Microfiber Reduction.

You can see the results of Microfiber Reduction with a college pitcher at

Here are our analyses. You are welcome to forward them to the Giants.

SF Giants Crippled By Chronic Stiffness

Giant Players--Small Stride Angles

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