Japan Sitting on Goldmine of Gold Medals and World Records

I was looking up the current marathon times and was surprised to see 20 Japanese runners in the top 100 world-wide. I expected to see that they are just as efficient as East Africans who dominate the event.

Much to my surprise, I found that they run an extra 4 kilometers during the race, bouncing up and down 50% more than East Africans.

But they are only minutes behind them in time, which means they are much more fit.

As I measured their stride mechanics, I found they not only run 50% more vertically, they also cover less ground with each stride, over-stride (which slows them down) and cross their legs over toward the midline (which causes injuries). It also appears that their lung capacity is reduced as their chest expansion is restricted, likely as a result of carrying school backpacks starting in first grade.

Improving their efficiency would enable the Japanese to win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the men's and women's marathon, 10K and 5k and the women's triathlon. This would add 21 medals to their total--well above their home field advantage.

You can see our analyses of Japanese runners in these PDF's:

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