Golfer Increases Hip Flexibility 33% in One Hour with Somax Microfiber Reduction

Amazed at improvement because years of stretching did not help.

Tiburon, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

60 Degree Internal Hip Rotation
Minimum Internal Hip Rotation for Sports

"Athletes in rotational sports such as golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, baseball and boxing need a minimum of 60 degrees of internal rotation on each hip for maximum performance."
Somax Performance Institute (web:, the world leader in improving flexibility beyond stretching, has just posted a new video that shows a 21 year-old golfer increasing his hip flexibility 33% beyond what he was able to achieve with years of stretching in less than one hour with Microfiber Reduction (

"The reason that Microfiber Reduction can improve flexibility so far beyond what stretching alone can do," says Bob Prichard, Director of Somax Performance Institute "is that microfibers, or mild scar tissue, form in the connective tissue between the muscles as a result of overuse, such as lifting weights and running, or impacts like falling on the soccer pitch as a kid. These microfibers cannot be released by stretching."

Microfibers and Connective Tissue

Each muscle in the body is covered with a thin membrane of connective tissue, just like the skin around a sausage. These membranes serve the same function as cartilage does in a joint—they facilitate sliding, which the muscles have to do in order to stretch.

When a muscle is injured from an impact (such as falling on the soccer pitch while playing goalie) or over-use (such as lifting weights or running), microfibers form between adjacent layers of connective tissue to immobilize the area so that it can heal. Unfortunately, once the area has healed, the microfibers not only do not go away, they tend to accumulate over time, making athletes stiffer with age.

Because they are scar tissue, microfibers cannot be released by stretching. The best indication that someone might have microfibers in their connective tissue is that they stretch but do not improve their flexibility.

Microfiber Reduction

Microfiber Reduction is a proprietary form of connective tissue massage developed by Somax Performance Institute to reverse stiffness in athletes. Combined with motion analysis, Microfiber Reduction helps athletes improve their performance by improving their efficiency, rather than strength and endurance, which most other training programs rely on to improve performance.

"The gradual accumulation of microfibers over time," says Prichard, "is the main reason athletes see their performance decline with age. By releasing these microfibers, we can reverse this age-related stiffness and improve performance and flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do."

Measuring Flexibility

"All athletes should photograph and measure their flexibility" says Prichard, "to see how much flexibility they have lost over time. The most important range for sports is internal hip rotation. By lying on your stomach and bending both knees, and keeping them together as you move your feet apart, you can get an accurate measurement of your internal hip rotation by having someone photograph your lower legs in this position and then measuring from the photo. The minimum range you need for tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, boxing, swimming and soccer is 60 degrees of internal rotation on each hip."

by Bob Prichard
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