Somax Athlete Undefeated in 2020

We recently received this report from triathlete Doug Landau who completed just the first half of his Somax program in the Fall of 2019. But this has not prevented him from winning all his races in 2020.

Dear Bob,

While the COVID kept me from achieving what promised to be my best multipart season ever, I wanted to take a moment & write to you to say “thank you.”

My time with you in California was time well spent. Not only did we improve my flexibility, breathing and posture, but we did a “deep dive” into my personal history like no physician has ever done in my entire life! We were able to figure out WHAT I did wrong, and in many instances, WHY I was doing them! I have been blessed to have had many good coaches, including Olympic level, and I have trained with top level athletes, including Olympians, World Champions and World Record holders. I got more out of a fortnight with you than in many years of training and coaching.

Despite a busy law practice, hectic travel schedule and races year-round, I committed to spending weeks with you on the other side of the country because what you do simply works. We were able to work on my whole body. My breathing was so shallow as to be almost laughable. You doubled my chest expansion. My xyphoid bone (in the sternum) was moving for the first time in memory! My stride angle opened up so much that I felt I was running faster than my body could control! The stride angle increased from 87 degrees to 105 degrees. My overstride angle was reduced from +10 degrees to 0 and my crossover angle went from 10 degrees to 6 degrees, lowering the likelihood of injury and increasing my stride efficiency. My bounce dropped from 3" to 1/2". This means my total vertical miles on a marathon will drop from 2.48 miles to .42 miles, saving me over 2 miles in a marathon!

As a triathlon lawyer who must “prove his case in court,” I am all about “objective proof.” Thanks to you and your techniques, I was able to increase hamstring flexibility 31%, hip extension 46% and adductor flexibility 83%. That has never happened from stretching, yoga or massage. And believe, me, I have tried all of those modalities as a top age group runner and multisport athlete. While I have achieved some success, with frequent podiums in Triathlons, Duathlons and road races all over the country, what I learned and gained with you put me in a position to be more than a Regional Sprint Triathlon champion.

COVID lead to the cancellation of nearly all racing. However, I was able to participate in competition with strict safety controls by racing in a Triathlon and then later a Duathlon recently. Despite getting behind in the swim (we had not worked on my swim yet) & falling down coming out of the water, once thru transition, all I did was pass people. I handily won my age group, was not too terribly tired & then had virtually the same experience in the Duathlon, with a BETTER RUNNING time using the techniques you showed me to help with stride, breathing, arm carriage, etc. Bottom line: TWO wins in one day! (See photo below) So in 2020, I am undefeated in my age group thanks to you. I look forward to racing in 2021, visiting with you when it is safe to do so, and having results that truly reflect my full potential and the power of your techniques and teachings.

Sending you warm wishes as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, your fan & friend, Doug

P.S. All smiles in the post-race photo from the Multisport Festival I was able to race this year:

Here are the before and after photos of Doug's new running stride. The tape on the side of his head is 1" wide. His bounce was reduced from 3" to just 1/2", better than any other distance runner in the world.

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