Stress Reduction

Somax has developed a new method for reducing stress and tension that bypasses the mind altogether. Based on acu-pressure points, the system can be taught in one two-hour session in person or by phone. After the initial session, you can apply the method to any stressful situation. Follow-up one-hour sessions are available, if needed.

All athletes have had the experience of not competing to their ability level, whether it is not making a pressure putt, double faulting on a serve, or swimming slower times in individual competitions compared to relays. Somax Stress Reduction works to reduce these occurrences by re-balancing the system so that situations and conditions are not so stressful. The method works equally well for adults and children.


The margin for error on any golf shot is very small. Even the best players demonstrate times when they are unable to maintain their momentum or concentration during a match, or to come back from a bad shot. Somax Stress Reduction can help improve concentration, motivation and momentum.

Every golfer has problems with parts of the game. While no substitute for our program of Microfiber Reduction and motion analysis to improve flexibility and mechanical efficiency, Somax Stress Reduction can improve the weak parts of a golfer’s game, whether it is problems with

+ The driver
+ Irons
+ Wedges
+ Putter
+ Slicing
+ Hooking
+ Sculling
+ Shanking
+ Hitting Fat
+ Hitting Thin
+ Bunkers
+ Keeping it in the fairway
+ Greens in regulation
+ Distance control
+ Long putts
+ Short Putts
+ Self-control
+ Frustration
+ Perfectionism
+ Self doubts
+ Low back pain
+ Concentration
+ Maintaining momentum
+ Recovering from bad shots
+ Intimidation
+ Pace of play
+ Course conditions
+ Difficult partners
+ Focus—leaving personal problems off the course
+ Comfort zone—stuck in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, etc.
+ Fear of embarrassment
+ Fear of playing in front of large gallery

Here are some examples of improvement with Somax Stress Reduction

+ A 10-handicap golfer who could not sink 6’ putts eliminated the problem in one session
+ A golfer with chronic first tee jitters reduced its intensity from 8 to 1 in 4 sessions over four weeks
+ A 60 year-old golfer found he was more relaxed over putts after two sessions


Again, while no substitute for our program of Microfiber Reduction and motion analysis to improve flexibility and mechanics, Somax Stress Reduction can help a tennis player with both the mental and physical aspects of the game. It can help reduce problems with

+ The serve
+ Backhand
+ Forehand
+ Topspin
+ Slice
+ Drop shot
+ Lob
+ Going to the net
+ Sustaining long rallies
+ Intimidation
+ Concentration
+ Double faulting
+ Pressure shots

Some examples of improvement with Somax Stress Reduction

+ A 32 year-old tennis player eliminated his tendency to double-fault while ahead in two sessions
+ A junior player reduced his feelings of being intimidated by older players in three sessions
+ A 50 year-old reduced his tendency to fade on long rallies from 9 to 2 with four sessions


+ A 10 year-old swimmer eliminated his pre-race jitters in two sessions
+ A 16 year-old reduced her tendency to swim faster in relays than individual competitions in three sessions
+ A 41 year-old masters swimmer increased his motivation to train in just one session


The fee for the Somax Stress Reduction sessions is $450 per hour. The initial session is two hours. As Somax Stress Reduction can be taught over the phone, so there is no need to travel to our offices in Tiburon, CA. Additional hour-long sessions can be scheduled, if needed, after completion of the initial session. All fees are paid in advance at the time sessions are scheduled and are non-refundable.

by Bob Prichard