Training Aids

Somax researchers have developed several unique training aids from their experience analyzing sports mechanics since 1970. New training aids are currently being developed and will be featured on this page.

Powerbelt ™

The Somax Powerbelt (pat.pend.) consists of a pair of fins that strap onto the hips to provide resistance to hip rotation and undulation, the most important movement in swimming free, back or fly.

The Powerbelt can be worn while swimming at training or race pace. It is available only to swimmers who have completed our Aadvanced Swim CampsElite Swim CampSwim Team or National Team programs.

No other training aid develops strength and awareness in this critical movement. In swimming, for instance, hip rotation is the only movement that has no natural resistance. Thus someone swimming competitively for 15 years can have a very weak hip rotation muscles.

Research done at Colorado Springs shows that swimmers who trained for just five days with the Somax drills and POWERBELT doubled the peak force they applied to the water. The female swimmer in the graphs below went on to win four Gold Medals in Atlanta and the male swimmer went on to win two Gold Medals.

Swimmers who have trained with our Powerbelt and drills have cut their stroke count 30% or more and have reduced their race times 3.1 - 18%.

Power Hip Trainer

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is the first aerobic exercise machine to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf, baseball, martial arts, soccer, basketball, tennis, javelin, discus, shot, boxing, and swimming. You can see a video of the Power Hip Trainer in action and place your order here.

Tennis Targets ™

Somax TENNIS TARGETS are designed to help tennis players keep their racquet face vertical, and, at the same time, provide a convenient striking surface while practicing early, powerful hip rotation on the forehand, backhand and serve.