Somax performance specialists have discovered the keys to efficient performance in tennis: early hip rotation on the forehand, backhand and serve and extraordinary flexibility in 45 ranges of motion critical to tennis.

Since 1970 our specialists have carefully analyzed frame-by-frame videotapes of the top ten players. They have discovered that each player excels in those aspects of the game where he or she has the greatest flexibility.


Players like Michael Chang can cover the court well because of their great hip flexibility. Players with big serves like Phillipousis, Roddick and Sampras have the greatest shoulder flexibility. You can order an article from us that contains directions for measuring your flexibility for tennis.


Power in tennis is generated by the rotation of the hips, not by the muscles of the arms. The better the player, the earlier and faster the rotation of the hips.


Early hip rotation and flexibility are so important that Somax analysts have been able to predict injuries in players before they occur by measuring small changes in these two variables. Observing a change in Ivan Lendl's timing of hip rotation, our analysts predicted his shoulder injury one-year before it occurred.

Training Aids

Somax has developed two training aids for tennis, the POWER HIP TRAINER and the TENNIS TARGET.

The POWER HIP TRAINER helps increase the speed and advance the timing of hip rotation.

The TENNIS TARGET helps players keep their racquet face vertical at impact.

Individual Programs

Currently Somax offers individual programs for tennis players. The minimum program is 30 hours, and can be completed in as little as 5 days at a cost of $450/hour (30% additional if we travel domestically, 50% additional outside the US). All fees are due at time of scheduling your program and are non-refundable. Program length will vary from 30-120 hours, depending on loss of flexibility. The program includes videotape analysis of your forehand, backhand and serve, measurement of range of motion and timing of hip rotation, Microfiber Reduction to improve your flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can doTension Reduction to reduce tension in specific muscle groups, our training aids, stretches, and measurement and exercises for strength.

Our players usually add 20 mph to their serve and have increased their ground stroke speed by 30%.

Internet Tennis Stroke and Serve Analysis

Once a player has completed our individual program, we will download monthly videotapes of the serve, forehand and backhand with analysis onto this web site so that the player can see their progress and what they need to continue to work on. Cost for this program is $900 a month, with a one-year minimum. Fee for this program is due in full at the time it is schedule, and is also non-refundable.

Professional Program

We offer a special four-year program for professional tennis players. It includes all the elements of our individual program, plus additional analysis of neurological factors Somax has found important to tennis. The professional program includes videotape match analysis. Contact us for cost and availability.


You can see photos and testimonials from our tennis clients here.

Schedules and Appointments

Please contact us to discuss any of our tennis programs and to schedule appointments.