Improve Performance Beyond Coaching

Somax sports clinics are designed to help you improve your athletic performance beyond what traditional coaching can do.

Measured Video

First we carefully videotape your swing, stroke, stride or throw, using a videocamera with a special high-speed shutter. Then we measure and analyze your mechanics to the degree and 1/30th of a second. By measuring everything, we take the process of improving sports performance out of the domain of subjective opinion and into the domain of objective measurement.

Measured Mechanical Comparison

Secondly, we show you how your mechanics compare to those of the best in your sport. With this measured comparison, you can see exactly what you need to do in order to improve your mechanical efficiency.

Measured Flexibility

Third, we show you how your mechanics are affected by lack of flexibility. Then we teach you how to measure and stretch the ranges of motion critical to efficient performance.

Exclusive Drills

ourth, we teach you drills we have developed since 1970 to improve mechanical efficiency. As you practice these drills, we will retape you so that you can see your improvement.

Measured Strength

Fifth, we measure your strength in sport-specific ranges and show you how to improve your strength in those ranges.

You will leave the clinic with a complete set of ranges to stretch and strengthen, a set of drills to practice, and with our Internet Video Analysis, video feedback to show you how you are progressing.

Our clinics are generally five days, with 20-40 participants. Clinics may also include training aids we have developed. There is, however, no Microfiber Reduction in our clinics.


Because we are teaching you how to improve a complex skill, our clinics are all in a series--Level I, II and III. Level I covers the basics of each sport, with drills that are usually practiced at a slow pace. Level II reviews and corrects those drills and introduces newer, more complex drills. Level III clinics include drills practiced a competition level.

Once you have completed one of our clinics, you will be eligible for our Internet Video Analysis.

To see an outline of the content of our clinics in your sport, click on one of the sports listed below. The outline will also give you the time, place and dates of any scheduled clinics. You can contact us for further information.