Somax performance specialists have discovered that the keys to efficient performance in golf are Range, Sequence, Separation, Speed and Alignment (RSSSA). This system of analysis is described at length in our new book The Efficient Golfer.

Since 1970 Somax analysts have been carefully analyzing frame-by-frame videotapes of top golfers. We have discovered that the best players are the ones with the greatest flexibility and earliest hip rotation.

Flexibility (Range)

Golfers are often completely unaware of their lack of flexibility. There are 44 ranges of motion critical to an efficient swing. Before golfers are aware of any stiffness at all, we have found that they have lost at least 50% of the range they need for an efficient swing. Golfers with good flexibility include Sam Snead, John Daly, Fred Couples and Davis Love III. You can order an article from us that contains directions for measuring your flexibility for golf.

Distance (Sequence, Separation, Speed)

Power in golf is generated by early hip rotation. The best and most consistent golfers rotate their hips the earliest.

The timing of the hip rotation on the downswing is critical to 1/30ths of a second. We have found that most scratch players rotate their hips at the same time they pull the club down.

Tour players rotate their hips 1-4/30ths of a second before they pull their club on the downswing. This earlier hip rotation gives them more consistency and length on their drives and irons.

Golfers we have worked with usually add 20 yards to their drive by increasing their flexibility and advancing the timing of their hip rotation. Guy Hill increased his longest drive on tour from 295 yards to 400 yards after we worked with him!

Accuracy (Alignment)

We find golfers have problems with accuracy because of poor flexibility. When flexibility is poor in different ranges, the golfer has to make compensations with his swing. These compensations cause small errors in the swing , which leads to inconsistency.

One pro improved his ranking in Putting Average from 113th on the tour to # 1 after his Somax program. He also improved his ranking in Sand Saves from 125th on the tour to # 2. Another pro won the US Open and Jamie Farr Classic and shot the lowest score for a round (61) and tournament (261) in the history of the LPGA as a rookie after she finished our program.

Improving flexibility in our golfers with Microfiber Reduction and Tension Reduction has helped them cut 4-15 strokes off their game.

Range, Sequence, Separation, Speed and Alignment

We measure Range, Sequence, Separation, Speed and Alignment on the videotape of your golf swing. This proprietary technology allows us to identify and correct swing faults with far better results than standard instruction, including computer-based analysis. For instance, many golf pros try to improve accuracy by restricting range. We improve accuracy by improving Alignment--not by reducing Range. 

Improving Range increases distance and longevity. The golfer with the best range of all time was Sam Snead. We will measure Snead's Ranges and then measure your Ranges so that you can see how you compare to the best in history. We will then improve your Range with Microfiber Reduction (our special form of connective tissue massage) and Tension Reduction (our special program to reduce tension in specific muscle groups). Our amateur clients have been able to hit their five-irons over 200 yards with pinpoint accuracy. Guy Hill increased his longest drive on tour from 295 to 400 yards after we improved his Range.

Improving Sequence on the downswing increases consistency and power in golfers. The golfer with the best Sequence of all time was Arnold Palmer. You will see tapes of Palmer and your own downswing so that we can measure the difference. Once we correct your Sequence, you will see more distance and much greater consistency in your game.

Improving Alignment increase accuracy. The best Alignment of all time was Mo Norman. We will measure his alignment on tape and then measure your Alignment so that you can clearly see why you have problems with accuracy. After we improved one golfers Alignment, he went from hitting 8/14 fairways to 12/14. Improving Alignment reduces slices and hooks.

Range, Sequence, Separation, Speed and Alignment (RSSSA) analysis is exclusive to Somax.

Our Programs

We work with golfers in individual programs. Our individual programs are 30-120 hours, depending on how much flexibility a golfer has lost. We recommend you start with a three-hour evaluation. We can complete 30 hours in as little as five days. If your program is longer than 30 hours, you can spread it out over as much time as you wish, since once microfibers and tension are released, they are gone for good.

Somax in Golf Digest

Somax was featured in an article in the May 1999 issue of Golf Digest. The article includes quotations from a known golf teacher and discusses the results of the Somax program for two golf pros. One of them won the South African Open and went from #113 to #1 in tour putting average after completing his Somax program. We can mail you a copy of the article to read.

by Bob Prichard

Clients and Testimonials

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Schedules and Appointments

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